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Asian Global Exim

Asian Global Exim is one of the leading suppliers and exporters of all agricultural products, was established in 2018. We provide the agricultural products of high quality which are strictly maintained and packaged safely. At Asian Global Exim, we buy the array of fresh agriculture products from farmers which helps them to recover their investments. We include products in these major categories that are Fruit & Vegetables, Processed Fruit & Vegetables, Floricultural & Seeds, Animal Product, Other Processed Foods, Cereals, Spices, Tea, Cotton, Shellable and Forest Products.

  • Providing Quality Products
  • Providing Safety Products
  • Serving in 10+ countries
Praful Pimpale,
Founder & CEO

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Serving in more
than 10+ countries

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Providing Quality
and Safety Products

Our Mission & Vision

The objective of our mission is to help Indian farmers. We build connections with farmers & support them to increase their productivity and profitability by purchasing the stock of different products produced by farmers, with their products our business investment and activities are most valued.

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Since 2018

  • Providing Quality Products
  • High Quality Products.
  • Enclose safe packaging
  • Domestic & International Market

We are in existance since 2018. Within this short spam of time, we are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of all agricultural products.


We’re popular leader in agriculture market globally

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